The central objective or purpose of this association shall be to work for the socio-economic and cultural needs, welfare and the national needs of the Muslim Employees and their families, the Muslim community and the general society in the state of Karnataka and to safeguard their dignity and rightful wellbeing.

The Specific Objectives are


  • To promote Indian nationalism and patriotism through care and affection, and to work in development and progress of the country.
  • To work for the national integration, secularism and to provide guidance to the youth/s from getting misguided, misconceived and/or brainwashed leading to anti-social, or terrorist or any subversive activities by the vested interest/s and to promote amity and harmony in the society.
  • To join together, debate and address lawful problems and issues of Muslim employees and their families and the Muslim community of Karnataka.
  • To create a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, mutual harmony and camaraderie amongst the members of the Association and with general public.
  • To act as catalyst towards the welfare or wellbeing of the Muslim community as a Socio-economic and cultural group and take up various welfare programs and/or activities.
  • To create awareness and knowledge within the Community through advocacy and action (Seminars, Workshops, Symposiums, Publicity, Campaigns, Programs, etc) for constructive cause/s like conservation of natural resources, etc.
  • To act as a facilitator in the implementation of various Welfare initiatives Programs and/or initiatives of the Government of Karnataka through cooperation with the government agency/agencies
  • To take up and address the issues related to education and socio-economic conditions:
    a. To establish Pre-Primary, Lower Primary, Higher Primary, High School, and general, Science and Professional Colleges and institutions.
    b. To set up Training, Coaching Institutes for various competitive exams and/ or make arrangements for the various Competitive Exams, Career development initiatives and Skill Development Centre/s.
    c. To promote and provide the facilities for the education, training and Skill development , among all communities with a special thrust on the Members and their families and community by starting all kinds of general and professional educational Colleges, Institutions , Coaching and training Centre/s, Information and guidance Centre/s and placement assistance, etc in any part of the state.
    d. To develop and foster scientific temperament and to establish centers and institutes for disseminating the same and to encourage the researchers by providing them the required few or all the resources, facilities like Study Material, Books, Membership/s, Research centre/s, etc.
    e.To establish and/or maintain, administer health care facilities, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Medical, Paramedical Colleges, institution/s and Research centre/s.
    f. To establish and/or maintain Student’s Hostel, Residential Schools, etc
    g. To establish and/or maintain and/or maintain hostels and/or Paying Guest Centre/s for working Women and working Men.
    h. To take steps to establish, maintain and administer co-operative , Semi –Sector Co-operative and other similar Banks and other financial institutions with special thrust on interest-free structure.
    i. To take care about the Housing needs by forming Housing Societies and take steps for forming Residential Layouts, building apartments or similar objectives.
    j. To establish and/or maintain and/or administer the aforesaid institutions and/or organizations.
    k. To take up and/or encourage research in the advancement of educational methods capable of producing fully developed citizens and thus to carry on the mission of making every boy and girl a good citizen.l
  • To achieve the Swach Bharath (Clean India) Mission:
    a. To work towards creating clean localities with support from local civic bodies and other concerned group/s and/or association/s.
    b. To take up promotion of Education related to Health, Hygiene and sanitation or similar objects.
    c. To disseminate information related to Health Schemes or those related to public health.
  • To create awareness about teachings of Islam, its values and Culture to Muslims through various available means and resources and to interested citizens to foster the amity and harmony in the society.
  • To Provide Urdu, Kannada, Arabic, English, Hindi and other Indian and Foreign language/s Education and religious education.
  • Towards efficient utilization of Government, Civic Amenities(CA) Sites, Waqf properties and institutions:
    a. To rent / lease the Waqf Properties for achieving the object/s of the Association.
    b. To acquire by purchase, take on lease from Government, CA sites, hire or by gift and/or otherwise hold any movable/ immovable properties.
    c. Waqf Land/s and/or Building/s to be used for establishing / constructing Office/s, School/s, Hostel/s, Orphanage/s, Multipurpose Community hall/s /Function Hall/s / Shadi Mahal/s, Training / Coaching Centre/s, etc.
    d. To take up and develop government, Wakf and any other Properties on PPP (Public Private Partnership) model.
  • To construct buildings, acquire properties in furtherance of the objects of the Association.
  • To receive and collect any gift subscriptions and donations or Chanda in either cash and/or kind and/or acquire by any other lawful ways and means including Zakath and, Saddaqa/Charity, etc. and use the same to achieve its object/s or for the purpose it has been received like Student’s Scholarship, helping the minorities/weaker sections/Students for their education, etc in cash and/or kind/s, etc.
  • To sell, lease, license, mortgage, exchange, gift, alienate, dispose off, manage, develop, improve or turn into or any of the properties or assets (movable or immovable) of the association as may be thought fit for with a view to promote the objects of the Association.
  • To take such other objects which are consistent with the spirit of the Association and the objects that the body may add to the above mentioned objects having regard to the particular need of the time.
  • To take up relief work during calamities and disaster management work wherever necessary by joining hands with other association/s and/or with government agencies and/or with non-governmental agencies (NGOs).
  • To provide and arrange Urdu Mushaira/s, literary and poetic conferences, entertainment, media, sports and religious tourism and other recreational programs and/activities for the members of the Association and/or for the community.
  • To raise funds, through grants, aid, donations, subscriptions, sponsorship, presents, rent, gifts and loans or any assistance in other form/s, etc. for the fulfillment of aims and objects of the Association.
  • xx. To receive financial and non-financial assistance from any Government, and Non-Government organizations, International agencies/ organization, Banks and other legal entities or individuals or NRIs, as permitted by rules/acts of the Government of Karnataka and Government of India and similarly provide financial assistance to the needy Associations, NGOs or Individuals working for the betterment of the society.
  • To purchase/acquire the land and/or the building and thereupon construction of the premises in the name of the Association for all its branches, District head Quarters ,Taluk Head Quarters, etc with the ownership and autonomy of the management to the respective Governing Councils if exists otherwise by the SGC or the Governing Body until such arrangements were made and maintain and administer the Premises thereupon.
  • To manage, transfer, pledge, dispose of or deal with movable and immovable properties of the society keeping in view the aims and objectives of the Society.
  • To take over, absorb or amalgamate with any other society or association or organization or institution whose objects are similar to the objects of the Society.
  • To take up in general from time to time all legitimate issues related to Muslim community in the state through permissible action/s, research, studies, newsletter and other means.
  • The Association may open and maintain in its name or in its subsidiary name Bank account or Accounts at such Bank or Banks as it shall decide from time to time and may at any time pay any moneys of the Association to the credit of any such account or accounts or place the same on deposits with the Bank or Banks or other financial institution authorized to accept the deposits or to invest the funds in interest free manner or to take loans or borrowings and/or Trading partnership with firm/s within the provisions of section 13(1)(d) r.w.s 11(5) of the IT Act of 1961 as amended from time to time.
  • The general societal beneficial schemes/activities of the Association shall be open to all irrespective of caste, creed or religion in the whole of Union of India.
  • To take necessary steps for the protection and empowerment of the women and men.
  • To work towards eradication of unemployment, child labour, manual scavenging, etc; and rural development and urban prosperity.
  • To work towards eradication of social evils like dowry, alcoholism, child abuse, inequality, crime, etc.
  • To work towards rehabilitation of widow/s, divorcee/s, depressed classes specially women.
  • To help in renovation/construction of or construct by itself, religious and cultural centre/s, prayer hall/s, libraries and parks and dry lands/ and rejuvenation of pond/s and lake/s.
  • To appoint when needed any number of Qualified/ Skilled / unskilled/ Office/Clerical/ Accounts/ support Staff/s and/or Employee/s and pay their Salaries or remove any and/or many such staff/s and/or employees in achieving the aforesaid objectives.
  • To work towards registration of the association under section 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act 1961 and under FCRA in force.
  • All activities of the Association are in nature of objectives of public utility and shall be carried out on without involving or carrying on any activity of profit as contemplated under the Income Tax Act 1961 and as amended from time to time and other statutory laws.
  • The income of the Association shall be utilized for achieving the objectives of the Association and shall not be distributed among the members.
  • The General Secretary of the Association is authorized to correspond with the Registrar of Societies, Bengaluru.