A. Eligibility

(i) Any Muslim male or female employee who has completed 18 (eighteen) years of age (major) of the State Government/ Central Government / Public Sector/ Quasi Government/ Civic Bodies/Corporations/ Boards/Financial institutions/ Government aided/ Government undertakings or any other Government-linked / established Agencies or Organized sectors or Institutions working in the state of Karnataka eligible for Lifetime and Annual Membership.
(ii) Any major person/s or professional/s male or female and any Muslim Employee/s / retired Muslim employee/s, male or female working in/ residing in the state of Karnataka with different social concerns/ expertise/Specialization as required for the association or the society eligible for any of the honorary membership/s as the case may be.

B. Application

The application for membership (Life time or Annual Member) of the Association shall be submitted by the applicant in the prescribed Form (by any one of the mode of application (Physical or offline or online) as notified by the State Governing Council (SGC) (for easing the process of applying and/or renewal of membership from time to time) to the SGC with recommendation from the respective Taluk Governing Council [TGC]/ District Governing Council [DGC] or to the SGC if no such Governing Council/s of that Taluk or District Exists.

C. Disposal

The application/s for the membership of the Association if found complete in all the respects, shall be disposed off by the SGC at the earliest or on priority basis. The same shall be communicated with terms and conditions and/or duties or reason/s for non-approval in writing and/or Email and/or SMS to the applicant and to the respective DGCs (if exist) in writing within fifteen days of the decision.

D. Cessation of membership

The membership of the KSAME is non-transferable and may cease in case of:- (i) Resignation or death of the member.
(ii) Cancellation of registration of the Registered Association.
(iii) On expulsion, on dismissal by the SGC.

E. Withdrawal from membership

Any member of the Association may withdraw anytime from membership of the Association without any claim on anything and/or reimbursement of any fee and/or donations paid or gifts, etc by giving at least a one month notice and which shall be normally approved by the SGC unless withdrawn within one month of submission by the member.

F. Expulsion of Members

Members of the Association may be expelled by a resolution in the Annual meeting or in the general body meeting passed by two-third majority of the present members or Quorum and voting if:
(i) Any member has defaulted in payment of dues as per bye-laws of the Association for a continuous period of three years.
(ii) Any activity of a member is found to be conflicting or competitive with the interest/s or activities of the Association.
(iii) Provided that the member concerned shall not be expelled unless the member has been given a reasonable opportunity of making representation in the matter.
(iv) No member of the Association who has been expelled shall be eligible for re-admission as a member of the Association for a period of one year from the date of such expulsion and shall satisfy the membership eligibility criteria at the time of re-admission.

G. Rights of Member

1. Every member (with voting right) of the Association shall have the following rights:

  • One vote in the meetings of the Association and no member shall be permitted to vote by proxy and she/he has paid the Membership fee fifteen days before the 31st of March in that year.
  • Right to receive notice of Annual and general body meetings as per the bye-laws of the Association.
  • Has Right to attend, express and take active part in the proceedings of the Annual and/or General Body Meetings.
  • To take active part in the selection of governing council member/s as per provision of the Act, Rules, Regulations and byelaws of the Association.
  • Inspect member registers, books of accounts or any other record and obtain Certified copies of the resolutions or documents on a payment of fee as may be prescribed by the committee/s from time to time.
  • The books and records of the Association may be inspected by any member of the Association at the Annual or General Body Meeting or at anytime upon giving reasonable notice and arranging a time satisfactory to the officer or officers having charge of same.
  • Every member (without voting right) of the Association shall have the following rights:
    i) Has Right to attend, express, suggest and take part in the proceedings of the Annual or General Body Meeting upon formal invitation to the meeting.
    ii) Can enquire and get the reply about the utilization of the resources and means provided by him/her for achieving the particular object/s of the association.