The Governing Council/s can nominate or designate any number of the following Person/s of importance/significance or specialists or experts or professionals or retired Muslim employees and/or ex-servicemen or ex-service women or Muslim Employees working in corporate sector or multinational companies or renowned firms or in Organized Sector/s or educational institutions or institution/s of higher learning as any of the following kind of Honorary member/s with or without voting right and/or with or without honorarium as decided and notified by the Governing Council as the case may be:

  • Patron/s: A Patron is any person or group who/which gives financial or other support to the Association.
  • Donor/s: A donor is any person or group that gives something (such as money, food, clothes or other needed things/objects) that it can be given to someone or group who needs it.
  • Grantor/s: A Grantor is any individual who conveys or transfers ownership of movable /immovable property to the Association.
  • Advisor/s: An advisor is any person or group or firm who/ which gives /provides advice in a particular field like Legal, Financial, Organizational, Service matters,etc.
  • Associate member: An Associate member is a person whose professional activity is in close relationship with the aim/s and object/s and/or byelaws of the association but has only partial rights (as and when so notified) and it is open for qualified individuals not eligible for Life/Annual memberships and may participate in the activities of association.

Mrs./ Ms. / Mr.

SL. NO. Name of the Member