It is a Muslim Employees' Association working in the State of Karnataka with its registered office at Bengaluru. It considers the Muslim community as an asset to the Nation/ Country and Muslim Employees as it's Strength to help achieve its objectives.

What are the Objectives of KSAME?

The central objective or purpose of this association is to work for the Socio-economic and cultural needs, welfare and the national needs of the Muslim Employees and their families, the Muslim community and the general society in the state of Karnataka and to safeguard their dignity and rightful wellbeing. For details on specific objectives please visit the website link: http://www.ksame.org/objective.html

Who owns KSAME?

No one!, It's an Association of the Employees, by the Employees and for the Employees, their Families and Society at large. After becoming Member every member is eligible for the Governing Bodies at Taluk, District and State level. Governing Council Members are to be chosen by the Members amongst them.

What are Programmes of KSAME?

KSAME make programmes based on the specific objectives of the Association ranging from information dessimination to guidance to help build Employees support system to Welfare activities to Cultural activities leading to form a resilient and respected Community in the mainstream Society.

Is there any Vision of KSAME for its objectives?

Yes, the KSAME has its own vision for its aims and objectives. Vision of the Association: To build a resilient, dynamic, forward looking, educative, secular, spiritual, logical and scientific tempered Muslim society.

Does KSAME has the Mission to realise it's Vision?

Yes, KSAME believes in working in mission mode and achieve its objectives in Milestones. Mission of the Association:

  • To address all issues related to the welfare of Muslim employees and their families, community and society at large;
  • To serve and support through back-up, advocacy, creating awareness and action thereupon strengthening the morale of Muslim employees and society;
  • Taking affirmative steps to address educational, socio-economic, cultural and co-cultural, scientific, intellectual and other related issues of the Muslim employees, weaker sections and society;
  • To provide opportunities to work with other communities and bring positive change in community relationships, and to promote social harmony;
  • To make available platform/s to Muslim employees to serve the community and society at large;
  • To encourage positive contribution towards promotion of social justice, equity, national integration and secularism;
  • To work towards facilitating upliftment and elevation of economically weaker sections of rural and urban society and nation building.
Is KSAME a Registered entity under relevant laws?

Yes, KSAME is a registered Socio-economic, Welfare and Cultural and Not-For-Profit Association under Karnataka (Societies Registration) Act 17 of 1960. It abide the laws and carries its activities lawfully.

Who can become KSAME Members?

Any Employee working in the state of Karnataka can become it's Life Member, Annual Member and Honorary Member from among State Government/ Central Government / Public Sector/ Quasi Government/ Civic Bodies/Corporations/ Boards/Financial institutions/ Government aided/ Government undertakings or any other Government-linked / established Agencies or Organized Sectors or Institutions,etc.

What is the KSAME Membership fee and mode of payment?

Membership fee:
Annual Member ₹250/- and Life Member ₹2000/-
Membership Year:
January to December.
Last date of Annual Membership fee Payment:
15th March and eligible with voting rights.
Mode of fee Payment:
DD/PO/at Par Cheque/ Online NEFT in the Name of KSAME,Bengaluru Payable at Bengaluru or by Cash

Is KSAME works unilaterally or have plans to affiliate or associate with any other entities?

KSAME has in its constitution to work with similar objectives entities towards achieving its own objectives. KSAME has in its agenda to affiliate with Employees' federation/s and work with other Progressive and pro development Association/s to achieve its aims and objectives.

What is the benefit of becoming KSAME Member?

If you are a kind of a person who believes in serving ( An Employee actually serves) it offers you, your family and the Community and the society many direct and indirect benefits which contribute to the Nation building. KSAME provides a platform for the Employees to discuss their issues of the concerned department and/or area of Members' activities and system for mutual cooperation and support among Employees from different departments and Sectors.

What is the criteria of KSAME work?

KSAME believes on merit to broaden its activities among the Employees. Persons of quality will get tremendous opportunities to serve and get noticed and identity in a society looking for sincere non-expecting guides Insha Allah.

Does KSAME follows democratic principles to achieve its objectives?

Yes, KSAME is an Association of the Employees, by the Employees and for the Employees which has been built to Serve all the needs of the Muslim Employees, their Families and the Society at large.

Is there any restriction/s for Honorary Member/s?

The Honorary member/s can be from any place of the State of Karnataka or the Union of India.

Can I become a member of my Residence Taluk/District as well as member of my Working Taluk/District?

Any aspiring member (for Life or Annual membership) whose work place is in one taluk / district and normally resides (permanently) in another taluk/district cannot have dual membership. He or She has to apply for the membership of only any one of these taluk / district.

How to resolve disputes in case (Allah Forbids) between Members of the Association?

All disputes or issues or differences which cannot be mutually resolved, shall be resolved ordinarily through arbitration

Can I get KSAME Membership Number after applying for Membership?

Yes, All Annual and Life Members will get one KSAME Membership Number after their membership is approved by the SGC. The Life Members in addition to the KSAME Membership Number, will get one LIFE MEMBER card.

Is the KSAME Membership transferable from one Taluk/district to another?

KSAME has not yet registered its Housing Society wing. Once this happens Employees will get the benefit that is also is one of the objects of KSAME.

Can I get Loan from KSAME for my needs?

KSAME is an association of Muslim Employees, built-up to serve the Employees, however, a seperate wing under co-operative societies act needed to be established, that is also one of the objects of the KSAME.

Can I seek admission for my children into the KSAME Educational Institution/s?

Certainly Insha Allah after KSAME start such Institution with the wholehearted support of the Employees.