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  • In these bye laws unless there is anything repugnant to the subject or context:

    • The “Association” means “Karnataka State Association of Muslim Employees” in short abbreviated as KSAME, registered under the Karnataka Act No. 17 of 1960.
    • The “Byelaws or Memorandum of Association” means the Constitution of the KSAME formed to govern its internal affairs duly registered under Karnataka Act No.17 of 1960.
    • The “Member” means any sane Muslim Female or Male who is an Employee of State (or Central) Government / Quasi Government /Public Sector / Corporation/ Civic-Bodies/Board/ Financial institution / Government aided/ Government undertakings / any other government linked agency or Organized Sector or Institution or Multinational Companies /Professional or Person of importance or retired person who has registered or subscribed to the Association and its Byelaw or Constitution.
    • The “Family Members” in relation to the Employee means: Spouse (Wife or Husband), Son/s and Daughter/s, Parents (Father and Mother) and others as per the Muslim Personal laws.
    • The “Employee or Muslim Employee” means any Muslim Female or Female who is employed on salary pay in any organization.
    • “Body” or “Governing Body” or “Governing Council” shall mean and include all the members of the Governing Body which shall be the executive committee of the Association.
    • “Funds” means all money belonging to, connected with or secured for the Association and/or in the name(s) of its subsidiaries, branches and units, either realized by way of rents from the immovable properties or received by way of subscriptions, fees, donations, grants, gifts or otherwise from whatsoever legitimate, legal and valid source for all matters, purposes and objectives connected with the Association, its properties and institutions.
    • “Property” or “Properties” means and includes all the movable and immovable properties presently owned by or in possession of this association and shall include all those properties which may hereafter be acquired, purchased or secured by or for the association by gift, donation, wakf or otherwise.
    • “Year” means a calendar year or such other period as may be decided by the Association governing body.
    • “Institution” means an institute or wing of the association engaged to achieve particular aims and objectives of the association.


Main Objective /  Purpose

  • The  central  objective  or  purpose  of  this  association  shall  be  to  work  for  the  socio-economic  and  cultural  needs,  welfare  and  the  national  needs  of  the  Muslim  Employees  and their  families,  the  Muslim  community  and  the  general  society  in  the  state  of  Karnataka  and  to safeguard their dignity  and rightful  wellbeing.